Laptop too hot 'cos of Summer??

By altheman
Jun 11, 2006
  1. Hi all, Summer has *finally* begun in the UK, but Im wandering if the new room temps are responsible for my ati card and HD heating up. i only noticed it yesterday, the laptop had been on for about 30mins, and the ATI card (under my right palm) was absolutly boiling!! i know summer temps affect pc cpu temps, so is this the same for laptops??

    right now its 28C in the UK, and both my ati card and hd pretty darn hot, although not uncomfortable to touch. im using an FSC A1667G and Powerplay, an ATI underclocking tool, is on.

    Also, is the method for adding thermal paste to laptops the same as doing so for pcs??
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    the laptop has always run cool when not doing any stuff that loads the gpu or cpu. im wandering if this is a normal effect on laptops for summer, i know the heat affects desktop pcs.
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