Laptop wont start - anyone here please to help me!

By jannen
Dec 14, 2004
  1. I own an Acer Travelmate 634 laptop with XP Pro. I have probs starting it! I need to press the power on button 20-30 times before XP starts. By pressing the power the cd drive starts and the harddrive light blinks and then nothing... When I finally get it starting, the Acer boot screen stays on for ages before XP finally starts. Shutting down also the blue screen stays on forever. During booting the screen goes black too sometimes, not always.

    When the XP is up and running I have no problems. What I have tried so far is scanned for viruses, updated drivers, installed SP2, tried with and without battery, but nothing... PLEASE can anyone help me??? Im desperate.
  2. jannen

    jannen TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Really... no one knows what I should do???
  3. fraggle

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    I also own an acer travelmate and experienced the same problems winthin months of purchasing it. After many months of frustration and many trips back to the place of purchase, I took my laptop to the acer service centre. They replaced the motherboard. For a few weeks this seemed to solve the problem but then I had the same trouble again. I purchased a targus fanning pad, because my laptop seemed to be overheating and this was causing the shutdowns. I havent had a problem since. Hope this helps
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