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By youngcher
Feb 15, 2008
  1. So to sum everything up, my Linksys router always shows its own ip address in all my programs ( instead of my original ip address. An example is when I play halo, I can never seem to create a proper server that everyone can see. Anyway how can I configure my router to use my original ip address.
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    jobeard is right, that is referred to as "non routable" meaning that's not the number your ISP gave you. is the default IP for many routers. For games like halo you need a router that's capable of having an open NAT (to work well that is) you also need to open several ports on the router for the game to use.(should also set the MTU size) If you need more info just ask.
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    look for status page in linksys browser
    there you will see your WAN Internet Address:
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    in your browser type in your local ip example to get to your router
    then look in status
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    Whats a NAT?? For my halo game, i did open the proper ports, 2302, but still no go. When i create a server, It says my ip address, which happens to be the routers internal ip. But i have no idea to configure my router so that these programs can be able to use my real ip address.

    Another example is when im creating a shoutcast server, or even ventrilo. I can connect to myself when i use the ip adress, but i cant connect when I try my ISP SIGNED ip adress. Any more suggestions????
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    in your router are you going to advanced setup and forwarding custom applications type in Ext. Port no. check Protocol TCP box type in same no. to Int. Port then put your local IP Address (sample) and check enable box then save
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    For your ports you need to open all of these with (protocol); 88 (both), 3074(both), 80(TCP), 2302(UDP). You should specify you Xbox 360s IP address here (not the routers IP) use something like I presuming you are able to see all this information because you said you have a linksys router. Then there should be a "DMZ" tab which you need to enable and enter the Xbox's IP again. Then under basic setup there should be an "MTU" option you should set to "manual". Then beneath that you can specify the size, which should be "1365". That should smooth out performance. Before I say anything else, do you see the options I'm talking about?
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    btw the halo im talking about is the one for pc................
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    Ah, well then I regret to say that I have no experience with the PC version.
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