linkysys wireless + voip router

By mysterywoman4u
Sep 17, 2006
  1. DCC send issues with Linksys wireless + VOIP router.


    hi i am having problems with routers
    I have a smart iad voip router and a linksys wrtg54
    i use windows xp
    i can't seem to be able to dcc send i can receive just unable to send
    the way i have it set up is
    i have the cable modem going to the wan port on the Voip router
    i have the voip lan port connected to the linksys internet port and i have my pc's connected to the linksys
    i have opened the ports into my linksys router ( port 113 ) and then the dcc ports
    i can not send files i can recieve and i'm having the same problem on icq file sharing
    i'm baffled lol
    hope someone out there as a good help file ( step by step ) that i can use to help me with this problem

    thank you in advance
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