Lite-on LDW-851S;Unrecongnizable, won't burn-work!!!!!`

By 5RON5
May 31, 2006
  1. Hi. I am new here & hope for a 'lil help. I have a LDW-851S RW, & it stopped working a long time ago. Since then, my hard drive got full, & I need to get all my pictures & video clips off there & on disk. I read somewhere that when I upgrades to Microsoft Service Pack #2, it somehow could be why it stopped working. I really only have used it a few times & never took the time to see about fixing it before now. I have a custom AMD sys- kind'a older now. It's a 1800+ w/512 Memory. I also have a DVD rom above that. When I installed it everything worked fine. Something has caused it to stop working & I don't know what. If anybody has any knowledge in this matter, please help. Thank you. Ron...
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