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By Tommer
Nov 13, 2007
  1. hello, i'm the monkeh. the monkeh likes moneh

    ok now ive gotten my random session over, i am Tom and i joined techspot because i have a computer problem that is interfering with the rest of my life, since ive only just got an operating system running on my pc, and my pc is the only pc away from the rest of the house ( in my room) its the only pc that is safe to use ( as in homework and having fun ) why can i only use this one? because. the one downstairs (not in my room) is used by the rest of the family, is slow, and my little brother and sister have fits if im on the computer and there not :( i really dont want to pass this of with a new computer since my parents have only just finished paying the £2000 this one costed ( thats about 2800$!) so as you can imagine my parents are also pressing on me to get this fixed-do you have what it takes?
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