Logs off after only a few seconds

By Rosebud23
Jan 4, 2009
  1. My computer starts up fine and goes to the "Welcome" screen. After I click on my user name, it goes to my page but there aren't any icons up or the start menu bar. After about 2-3 seconds, the computer logs off and goes back to the welcome screen without me doing anything.

    I have a Dell Dimension E520.
  2. gbhall

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  3. JebediahTBone

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    corrupted profile, possibly

    This could be a corrupted user profile.

    This board won't let me post links yet, so go to the MS Windows support website and look for kb811151.

  4. Bobbye

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  5. JebediahTBone

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    Thanks the assist, Bobbye. Nice to see you too.
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