Looking for a PIM with emphasis on Tasks and Notes

By ReuvenNY
Oct 13, 2006
  1. I use Lotus Organizer 6 for my calendaring and contact needs. It’s OK,
    but is outdated and not really supported by IBM. It does serve my needs
    in those two areas.
    The Note and Task part of that program is totally unsuitable for my
    needs. I looked at MS Outlook 2003 (which I own), as well as many other
    Personal Information Managers, but find that most are cumbersome, too
    detailed and just visually no appealing.
    I am looking for a program that is primarily Task Manager,( not a
    project manager) with a modern look and feel - simple yet powerful.
    Does anything like that exist? Where should I look for it?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. ReuvenNY

    ReuvenNY TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Using some links and help on this and/or other forums, I found a great little program that exactly addresses my needs. It's called ViaList and can be found here:
    Check them out if you need a To Do program that can be also synchronized online with their site.
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