Looking to upgrade PS3 HDD from a 60GB SKU

By Myzz617
May 9, 2008
  1. Hey I am looking to upgrade my 60GB PS3 SKU. Seems that the largest 2.5 SATA HDD out there is a 320 but I think ima go with a 250GB. Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?

    I'll probably start this project towards the end of this month going into June. Not to sure on what HDD I want to get I think I might go with Western Digital. What is a safe speed to go with? Any help esp from people who have already done this would be awesome!

  2. Myzz617

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  3. stick to the 5400rpm drives i have heard of excess heat with the 7200rpm drives-sorry if its late.If you have music or vids on your pc you could always stream it to your ps3 using tversity.
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