Looking to upgrade to Core 2 Duo processor?

By Wise Idiot
Sep 9, 2007
  1. Alright, so I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 which uses an Intep 945PM Chipset with a Core Duo processor (slightly different from its successor). Further specs of my laptop are available here:

    First of all, will the core 2 duo processor be compatible with the present motherboard (i.e., will it fit into the socket and run properly w/o damaging the pMOBO)?
    Secondly, is it worth the upgrade if the L2 cache is to increase from 2MB to 4MB?
    Lastly, would I be required to use a different cooling assembly and if so what are all the hardware I would need to purchase for this specific proccessor's cooling. I have virtually no knowledge of cooling systems so please be as specific as possible (fan, cooling paste, know that they exist dont know how to use them).
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  3. Wise Idiot

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    Regardless, there should be some (better) processor out there that can fit into the same socket and have it not damaging the mobo.
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    Since you didn't bother to read it, in a nutshell- What you have is what you got.

    cpu info:

    NOTE: Your computer comes in different configurations. To determine the configuration of your computer, see Determining Your Computer's Configuration.


    Processor type
    Intel® Core™ Solo processor

    Intel® Core™ Duo processor

    L1 cache
    64 KB

    L2 cache
    2 MB

    External bus frequency (front side bus)
    533 MHz or 667 MHz

    System Information

    System chip set
    Mobile Intel 945PM Express or

    Mobile Intel 945GM Express

    Data bus width
    64 bits

    DRAM bus width
    dual channel bus

    Processor address bus width
    32 bits

    Flash EPROM
    1 MB

    PCI bus
    (PCI-Express used for video controllers)
    32 bits
  5. Wise Idiot

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    ok i was already aware of this information.
    all i want to know is whether my notebook will function properly if i replace the Core Duo with a Core 2 Duo as per the specs of the MOBO. also whether this upgrade is worth it.
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    1.If you can find the cpu. Finding retail laptop cpu's and video cards is not easy.
    2.Voids your warranty

    I wouldn't, but up to you
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