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By arien
Mar 6, 2008
  1. Hi I am new to this console. I have a problem with my windows more likely. Infact i have lost my administrator account in my computer. Im using windows XP professional. Infact i nade a new account with name new and give it computer administrator privilidge as well. by that time the administrator account got disappear some where. i am unable to retrieve any data from that that account . as i click the administrator in documents and setting of C drive it say me as access dnied........i have very important data on administrator desktop and i really need that. If u please help me in solving this. im in much trouble for this. plz help me.
  2. LookinAround

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    when you say you "lost" your administrator account i am guessing you mean you don't see Administrator account listed on the Welcome screen so you can log into it?

    XP does this on purpose (unless you tell it otherwise). To logon as Administrator you can either
    • Start your computer in safe mode. (Immediate on power on start tapping F8. You should see a menu where u can arrow up/down to select Safe mode. If you see the usual Windows screen u started tapping too late) At the logon screen in safe mode, you should see the Administrator account, or
    • After a normal reboot, wait until you see the Welcome to Windows screen. Press the CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination twice. You should then be able to enter Administrator user id logon info.
  3. Matthew

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    If your new account has Administrator rights as well, you can always go to Start>Run>control userpasswords2>Ok, and set your PC to automatically log into the Administrator account you are attempting to access (without a password prompt) and extract your files, then, head back into "control userpasswords2" and set it up how you'd like it.
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