Lost (Full Version)

By mephisto_007
Apr 27, 2005

    Ok i just finished the second verse

    It should be ok i guess, tell me what ya'll think?
    I need to get a better mic.

    Yo im kinda lost over here
    Can anybody tell me the way?

    It getting dark now
    I really needed to move…

    Since the day I was born, I been torning around
    Nobody care for ****, always getting me down
    But who would’ve thought, that I been caught and fought
    Get shot at, the shadow stalking me now
    I’m not surprised, cry and pray, what can I say
    Eventually they will see, who I’m supposed to be
    I feel the urge surge to accept the task
    That allure suffering and never to ask
    You ain’t here with me anymore, any longer I’ma prove it me,
    Make me stronger no longer afraid of thee
    I’ma fight this ice sacrifice my life for this curse it worst
    Burst myself what the hell I do give me clue
    I’m losing my mind
    I can’t move, can’t see mentally blind
    Somebody show me the path and tell me what to do
    Coz in my heart, I’m not yet ready to move

    Some body? Any body?

    Does it make you happy if I cry today?
    Does it even matter if I die one day?
    Perhaps I try to hard - forgot I have much life to love-
    Picturing myself when I was young
    Though it yet better to understand what’s life
    Doin’ good or bad who’s to say wrong or right?
    I’m not trying to preach - man don’t you understand?
    Life ain’t fair-
    Livein’ my misery for the family to hell
    Physically - it doesn’t hurt as much
    Mentally to me- there ain’t word describe it
    My only thought that got me f**k-up!!! complete
    Give the best you got - still ain’t worse trying for sh*t
    Contagious my life, again
    That the same to my brain - and
    I’m out of the light for now
    I can’t stand the fight - now
    I can bear no more - simply feeling the pain
    Sacrifice to obtain, only pain that remain - and​
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