Malware or Zonealarm Corruption?

By echu1989
Feb 22, 2008
  1. Good morning:

    We run Zonealarm Pro for our Firewall/AV/Spyware and during the last upgrade the installation failed at 14%. I let it sit there for 3 hours before I rebooted. This was my first concern.

    Then after rebooting, I was unable to install Zonealarm becuase it said it could not stop the TrueVector Service even though the service was not running.

    Then I got a number of explorer.exe errors and some Dr. Watson errors.

    I got concerned I had some malware so I followed all the steps in the malware removal thread. I am now running a trial version of AVG 7.5 to remain protected. Nothing showed up aside from some minor tracking cookies.

    Just in case I am posting my 3 logs. Please let me know if I have any malware. There were no root kits found by Panda.

    If this is just a Zonealarm corruption issue, does anyone know how I can manually remove the zonealarm files that were partially installed?

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