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By i_need_answers
Aug 2, 2005
  1. memory frequency's

    I have an Asrock p4v88 socket 478 motherboard and a stick of generic 256mb 333mhz and also a stick of kingston 512mb 333mhz. Everything was all fine and well untill I discovered that both CPU-Z and Everest home were clocking my ram at 100mhz which was far from what it was suposed to be. So I took out the 256mb generic thinking that was the problem. Then it went up to 133 and CPU-Z said FSB : DRAM 1 : 1+33mhz. but with both RAM sticks in it said FSB : DRAM 1:1 (my FSB is 100mhz). So I go to the BIOS and change all memory from AUTO to 333mhz. Still no good its the same.... anything im missing? What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks Alot,
  2. i_need_answers

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    Now that I have gone back into the BIOS and reset the memory settings back to AUTO it has gone back up to 266mhz (FSB : 1+33mhz)again which still isnt the 333mhz both sticks are made for but its better than 200mhz. Anyone have any clue whats going on here? Or any idea how to make it do FSB : 1+66mhz ??
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    I don't get the label "1+66mhz" or "1+33mhz". I've never seen CPU-Z use that designation.

    Also, it is not so much what your RAM can support, but your motherboard. If CPU-Z lists your FSB as 100 then it is the motherboard FSB settings that need changed, not RAM. But CPU-Z lists FSB and RAM sepparately. So... Maybe you could post a screenshot of the CPU-Z pages for RAM and motherboard?
  4. i_need_answers

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    Here is some screenshots of CPU-Z

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  5. Vigilante

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    You've got DDR333 (PC2700) meaning you should be running at 166mhz right? I think this is correct. It says your frequency is 133 and that DRAM is FSB + 33mhz. Well FSB is 133 so 133 + 33 = 166mhz.

    It correctly identifies your RAM as PC2700(166mhz). Is this not your RAM?

    Also, FSBs are not usually the "full" ammount. But are often doubled or tripled etc... And if your 166mhz is doubled then that is 332mhz, basically your 333mhz for the PC2700 RAM.
    Like if you had a 400mhz FSB, it would probably say 200mhz because it's actually doubled. That's the way it is on mine.

    Now, if yours said 100mhz, there might be an issue.

    What looks "off" to you in these screenshots?
  6. i_need_answers

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    Like you said the FSB in the screenshot is 100mhz which is correct. But then the 100mhz (FSB) + the 33mhz = 133 x 2 because DDR works twice every CPU cycle. But that still only equals 266 mhz RAM which is not the 333mhz that it really is. The only way I know how to make the RAM act its fullest would be to overclock my FSB to 133 which would mean 133+33=166 which would be correct but thats out of the question because my motherboard has no agp/pci lock which would mean my pci cards I have would be fried :-/

    EDIT: OHHHHHHHH im sorry I didn't notice that the frequency of the memory was 133mhz I was just assuming that it was the same 100mhz as my FSB.
    Thanks a bunch problem solved
  7. Vigilante

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    I thought for a minute I was going mad! I don't see anywhere that your FSB is 100mhz!

    But glad it looks good to you now :)
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