Memory leaks - Windows 98

By Cheerful Dragon
Jul 7, 2005
  1. While looking into other problems on my PC I downloaded Everest Home. Using this, I found that I have a serious memory leak. The sequence of events and memory usage might go like this:

    Start PC: 73% used
    Play game (Civ 2): 81%
    Exit game: 78%
    Go on Internet: 83%
    Exit Interet: Still 83%
    Go on Internet: 86%
    Visit resource-heavy site ( 98%
    Play game online: 100%
    Exit Internet: 91%

    How can I fix this leak? Do I need one of those fancy utilities that keeps popping up while I'm online? If so, can anybody recommend a good, free one? I can't afford to buy one.
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    This is not a memory leak. It is Windows keeping shared components in memory after you exit a program in case they are needed again.

    A memory leak is when a process starts using more and more memory over time. And by more and more I mean the memory used by the process goes to 100MB+
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