Microsoft planning TV subscription service for Xbox

By Emil
Nov 29, 2010
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  1. Microsoft has engaged in talks with cable networks and media companies to bring a subscription television service to the Xbox 360 game console, according to "two people familiar with the plans" cited by Reuters. The reported discussions include more than the big broadcast networks; like the ESPN service already available on Xbox Live, there could be content from premium providers such as HBO and Showtime.

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  2. madboyv1

    madboyv1 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,333   +267

    Considering the 360s massive userbase compared to AppleTV and GoogleTV, if this is even remotely successful It'll easily rival the two, especially if they allow Zune/Win7Phone integration to some extent.
  3. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 991   +90

    Sounds interesting, hopefully if they do go ahead with this they will offer service beyond the US.
  4. I hope this works out and they have great content. I would love to "cut the cable" completely, if it weren't for my wife I would have done this long ago. I watch maybe 3-5 channels on cable .
  5. Xero07

    Xero07 TS Booster Posts: 100

    Wow the related stories go all the way back to the zune hd release.

    On topic, I kinda like this idea if its pricing is competitive to cable and satellite networks.
  6. edison5do

    edison5do TS Rookie Posts: 231

    just like you It will be good to have TV servise over the internet with a good price, even if that mean buy 2 X360 (1 tv, 1 Gaming) jeje that way my family would not be saying,,... pliease put the movie in the middle of my game..... -) but as im on PC now...with kinet on the way. ok I´ll pass.
  7. 360 already delivers IPTV. If you have have AT&T Uverse you can use your 360 as a set top box for a one time fee of $99. In the UK you can use Sky player

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