Microsoft Windows XP Home With SP2B 1 Pack - OEM

By Bisirko
Jun 9, 2007
  1. If I buy Microsoft Windows XP Home With SP2B 1 Pack - OEM, what is the difference between this cheap $90 version, and the 199.99 version. I read the disclaimer and it said something about needed receipts of your MB, HD, CPU and other items, what does that mean. Anyone?
  2. Ididmyc600

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    OEM Original Equipment Manufactuer. you get the Disk thats it, no support, no warranty no help should it go wrong.

    Full retail version: you get a disk, instructions, warranty leaflet, support numbers, but no ..Bill Gates wont come round and install for you..

    OEM's are usually included with a branded PC, where you go to the PC manufacturer should there be a problem.

    Full Retail Versions are for those who have a PC and want to change it to a new OS and will need support and advice from an MS representative.

    as for which you need, if you know PC's go for the OEM, if your a numpty with no clue as to what an OS is go for the retail.

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    alright that makes alot more sense, thank you for your help
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