Missing “C” drive letter

By thewolfe
Oct 11, 2002
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  1. Missing “C” drive letter

    I am working on an old 75 MHz computer running Windows 98 Second Edition.

    Don’t know when the “C” drive letter disappeared. Didn’t notice it when I first started working on it.

    I installed an external Zip drive that took drive “E”. And I also installed Win98 Plus.

    Can’t think of any thing else I did.

    “My Computer” does not show “C”, just “A” and CD-ROM drive “D”.

    The Windows Explorer is focused on the “C” drive when opened and I can see all folders under “C”. But If I select MY Computer in the Windows Explorer it does not show up.

    I have Win98 CD but not the Second Edition so I can’t “repair” and I’m trying not to “fdisk” because I don’t have software for monitor, etc and I really don’t want to take the time since I’m trying to get the computer working well enough to give to a “newbie” which is another reason I would like it looking right so he’ll learn correctly.

    Any ideas to get my “C” back?
  2. thewolfe

    thewolfe TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 238


    I had installed TweakUI and the "C" drive was unchecked.


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