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By Hunger_force
Aug 11, 2005
  1. I am in the market for Motherboards, and could use some suggestions on lga 775 cpu socket mobos. I do allot of gaming and some word processing; my price range is in the neighborhood of $135 to like, 150 max. Any advice would help allot.
  2. zephead

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    gaming, says you? for gaming applications your best option is an amd athlon64 platform. not only will it save you a bit of green but the a64s run cooler, consume less power, and deliver generally better gaming performance. just make sure you get an athlon based on a 90nm process and use name brand mobo, psu, ram parts. what games are you trying to play? what is your total budget for thsi computer? what parts, if any, do you already possess?
  3. Hunger_force

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    Thanks for the reply! I have a psu (400w) and a harddrive, as well as ram and all the peripherals. I only need a video card, i have decide on an x800 pro, but if you know any better ones im open to any ideas; i have about 200 to spebd video card wise. As for games, i play source and bf2 quite a bit. Also i listen to allot of music would it be worth it to buy a sound card? Thanks again fo the help.
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