Monitor dosent work any more... help?

By turpinator
Aug 14, 2007
  1. Problem solved guys... i dont know what i did, but after i moved my computer to a different room, the monitor worked...

    soo heres the story people. so i made this computer and everything worked and such. the monitor worked. my friend was having trouble w/ his computer so i took his hdd and installed XP on it for him ( he wasnt able to) (his computer monitor was also working fine b4 this) i installed xp on his hdd and mine and gave him his hdd back. he hooked it up to his computer and it booted up, but his monitor would not turn on and stayed black.( well it was on, but the little light was an amber color, so it was on...) so he brought his computer to my house and hooked it up to my monitor so i could try and figure out was was wrong w/ it. (now, keep in mind my monitor was working w/ my computer) then, the same thing happened to my monitor as his. so i hooked up my computer to it and still, the monitor would not "go on"... so any ideas what is wrong?
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