Monitor gone bad

By charles1
Apr 7, 2008
  1. i bought a flat panel monitor it worked fine until one day my computer wouldnt boot-up and had to buy windows xp program,i reinstalled xp now i have all the updates an latest driver for it,my computer is a hp pavilion 7915 using the video that came with the computer,the monitor i bought is a synaps brand 15.4"widescreen flat panel tft/lcd model 11009554. the old monitor i have is an emachine it takes up the whole desk,it works fine. i set the resolution an refresh rate to what they say to 1024/768 refresh to 60-75 then unplug the old monitor an hook up the flat panel it looks great while its running till i boot-up then the flat panel is at the lowest res. an i cant change it,it looks like the computer is in safe mode but its not [help!!]
    hp pavilon 7915
    old monitor is a emachine model 1772ed
    flat panel is synaps lcd model 11009554
    when i check the driver it says its plug&play,but when i click on driver details it says no driver is loaded or needed?
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  3. charles1

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    already did that it didn't fix it
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    You may need to go to Safe mode (repeatively press F8 function key on Windows Startup)
    Log into Administrator account
    Remove all Video drivers (can be two) from Device Manager (and add remove programs)

    Go back to normal mode
    If possible cancel any Video driver install (automatically found by Windows)
    Install the correct driver, supplied in post #2
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