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By applesauce
Nov 20, 2007
  1. ive had this monitor for almost a year (last x-mas) and just recently im getting a lot of pink and blue pixels on it, they go away when i switch screens or minimize or drag something over them (IM window, start menu) but then they come back. any idea what this might be and how i can fix it? i have a SCEPTRE LCD monitor.
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    With regards to your problem, my dad's laptop is having a similar problem to this ;) Try installing the latest drivers for your graphics card and then see how it is.
  3. applesauce

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    new findings!

    well i updated graphics cars, and found out that the problem will only occur on the main screen (im running 2 monitors) so now the light blue and redish pink splotches are on my old dell monitor. the funny thing about them is that thye are almost in a checker board pattern. im guessing that when i switch my monitors around so that the left one (LCD) is the primary monitor that the problem will follow along.
  4. applesauce

    applesauce TS Rookie Topic Starter

  5. Daveskater

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    please don't get impatient after 5 and a half hours, our members are all over the world and can't post when they're asleep

    by "i updated graphics cars" do you mean you updated the graphics drivers?
  6. GameJunkie72792

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    are all you connections tight?
  7. applesauce

    applesauce TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah...i updated the drivers from the Nvidia web site. I have a gforce 7600. and the problem is getting worse and worse. Im starting to wonder if i have a virus. Do you know if there are any good 'free' scanners/softwear available. Im going to run adaware a few time to see what happens. ill post a picture for you, any idea where the 'prt scr' files go to? like i stated before, the problem seems to go where my 'primary monitor goes.

    thanks for all your help!
  8. Daveskater

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    malware is very unlikely to cause a problem like this but you can try the Trend Micro Homecall online scan if you want, it's pretty good and free

    print screen copies a picture of your current screen to the clipboard, you will need to open up a picture editing program, paste the image and then save the file. you can use MS Paint for this or any other program such as photoshop etc
  9. applesauce

    applesauce TS Rookie Topic Starter

    here is a screen cap of my monitors note the red splotches all over the left side and none on the right. any ideas?
  10. Daveskater

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    it looks as though these are artifacts being produced by your gpu (graphics processing unit - the actual geforce 7600 chip) and it may be doing this because of permanent damage to your graphics card

    first thing to try, though, is this: download ATITool and turn the sliders down a small amount to "underclock" your gpu. if it still happens then it looks like you'll need to replace your graphics card :(
  11. applesauce

    applesauce TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok ill try that, just wondering why it would happen on one monitor and not the other if its a bum card

    thanks again for the help!

    I used the 'scan for artifacts' option and it hasn't come up with any errors thus far.
  12. Daveskater

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    yah it is a bit weird that it only affects one screen but it's all i can really think of right now

    if underclocking doesn't help then try another card if you have a spare or can borrow one for a couple of minutes
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