Monotor Wont Turn On

By ang122082
Feb 21, 2007
  1. Ive Been putting my computer on stand by to preserve power. The last thing I Remember is un installing corel photoshop(new version) I think it was version 11 not sure, and I went into ms config to edit the start menue. So when I was finished i put the computer on stand by. The next mourning the system boots up but my flat screen monitor wont turn on. So I unplugged the computer and the monitor..all the plugs and re plugged them in then turned the computer on again. The system booted but my monitor wasnt turning on. Its not getting a signal. I talked the guy that built my computer becaus its a custom built computer and he said to replace the battery. There is a litttle circular battery I guess that has something to do with the signal. He said I could find it at radio shack. Is there anything I can do. Can I replace the flat screen monitor with a regular computer monitor so I can see what the problem is. Can it be a virus? The only thing i downloaded into the comp was corel photoshop off of Before i downloaded the program i scanned it for viruses and nothing showed up. Previsuosly i had someone re install my video and graphics card so Im pretty sure that everything is installed properly. Not sure why my monitor isint turning on.
  2. Ruben

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    Absolutely yes. If by doing that you verify it is not screen that causes problem, then it could be the power supply or something wrong with bios or agp slot.
    This happens to be for some time with my old PC - it won't boot unless I press the button a few times. All machinery starts but it does not even do the POST. I figured out I have to turn it on and off a few times and then it works. strange isn't it? But I can live with it.
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