More fan connectors?!?

By laxgoalie2004
Dec 15, 2004
  1. okay how do i had more fan plug in spots to my mother board? do i have to guy a 3 pin 4 pin connector or what? and if i do how to i plug it into my power supply cause i tried doing the connectors before and i undid my power supply to find out i had no were to plug in the 4 pin connector :( any help would help alot. cause if u dont get my new power supple which is a ultra x-connect power supply and its gonna be so tight also. if theres a way could i just like steal some of the 3 pins off of old fans and sauder them on to the motherboard at all? cause my dad did that with the plug in thing he stole a memory plug off of a old motherboard and sauderd it down onto it because he didnt want to get a new motherboard lol
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