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By V¥P€®
Dec 9, 2004
  1. Hey all. I want to get a new Pentium chip for my computer for christmas but I dunno what my current motherboard can handle, and am unsure of what my motherboard is.. I was wondering how can I find out what my current motherboard is and whats the max chip it can handle? Atm Im running a p4 1.7 but would like if poss to upgrade it to atleast a 2.8, also being that it is a dell would it be wise to think about upgrading the motherboard and internals? I don't have a great deal to spend as it would be all for christmas but would want a system which could easly handle 2days games :) I already have the graphics side sorted, its just the chip which lets the side down..
    Any help is very much appreciated! Cheers all

  2. Didou

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    Download CPU-Z & see what it says about your current CPU. If it is a Northwood based CPU (0.13 process & 512kb of L2 cache), you could upgrade to a 2.8ghz, provided you can still find one with a 100mhz FSB (400 quad pumped).

    Take a screenshot of the CPU-Z window once you run it (ALT+PRINTSCREEN keys then paste it in mspaint or another image editing program) & then attach that image to your next post (remember to hit POST REPLY, you cannot attach files with the quick-reply feature).

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  3. V¥P€®

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    Hi man, cheers for such a quick reply :) Hope this is what you needed.. Also I was wondering would it be more worth while upgrading the motherboard aswell? Or would it make no difference say with a 2.8 chip..? Cheers for the help :)
  4. Didou

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    The CPU page would've been more usefull.;)
  5. V¥P€®

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    lol sorry man, my bad. Here it is, take 2..
  6. Didou

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    Well it is a Willamette CPU & that chipset used on that motherboard will not work (as far as I know) with a 133mhz FSB (533 quad pumped) CPU. It would seem you're limited to getting a 2.0ghz P4 if you keep that motherboard.

    As far as upgrading the CPU + motherboard + Ram, it depends on the budget you have for such a move.
  7. V¥P€®

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    ok man cheers for all the help, its been very much appreciated! I was wondering if you could suggest some good motherboards..? I have about £150 to spend on a motherboard, but could push it abit higher for better performance.. Oh yea I was also gonna makesure I would beable to change the motherboard on my dell without any problems? Cheers again
  8. V¥P€®

    V¥P€® TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Any1? any ideas? Cheers all
  9. Didou

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    Well there are a lot of socket 478 boards that you can find. Intel has decided to introduce a new socket (775) & so the 478 format is being phased out. I'm sure you can find some very good prices on these boards.

    Popular choices seem to be the Asus P4P800 & MSI 865G Neo2.
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