Motherboard no id only rev 7.1 c

By deemax
Feb 10, 2008
  1. Hi everyone, I'm deemax. My first time here. I've been testing motherboards that I'm going to sell. I ran across one that I bought from tigerdirect in a FireLite case back around 2003. I google'd it going by the heatsinc fan-1200+, and I ended up here. Someone had one of these mobo's but with problems. This one seems to work good. It's a micro atx board red in color. It looks sort of like a MSI board that I built for a extra system. I did a complete sweep on the HDD, loaded XP sp1, and all I can get during post is the AMI BIOS date- 9/26/2002 S. and 1200+, then HHD and CDRom. It has a 900 mhz Duron CPU, 256 mb ram, 2-PCI slots, 1- 4x''s AGP slot. It was pass word protected, so I cleared BIOS, and started over. 1 by 1 , I'm going in the right direction but cant find make or mod. I ran Belarc Advisor and I D came up blank. Has anyone ever figured out who made this board? VIA chips but one looks like it said Diamond, but there's a AMI sticker on it. While I wait for reply's I'm going to chck out AMI's website to see who used their BIOS released on the date above. Thanks, deemax

    Well after I ran AMI moterboard ID, found out it was an ECS board. When I tried to remove the heatsinc, it pulled 4 small chips off the CPU. Now I have 2 memory sticks, and heatsinc/fan for sale...
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