Motherboard shopping advice needed!

By jermaine2000
Nov 18, 2005
  1. I currently running a Asrock K7VT2 motherboard works fine but its pretty old now and have compatability issues regardng Memory. I want to get a nother motherboard thats works well with everything what model/make do you think is the best fo running a Athalon Processor and have minimal problems?
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    This is a pretty open ended question. We need more info about your video card, AGPX4, X8?, Are you willing to upgrade to PCI-E? What processor socket do you have? How much money can you spend?
  4. jermaine2000

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    I have a AGPX4 , GE Force 5700 128MB Graphics card and im happy with the graphics so far. I have Athlon 1800 XP Chip would prob get that up graded too. So you can give me advice on the most reliable motherboard and i would proberly want the best affordable Athalon processor for what i can pay roughly £180 Max for both!
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    Yup, we need to know what are your computer needs?
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