Motherboard with a 479M socket

By lisalinde
Feb 15, 2008
  1. Hello Everyone!

    i live in the sierra foothill just outside of Oakdale CA in a town call Groveland. our claim to fame is not only being the gatway to Yosmite Nat Park but that we also have the oldest running salon on the west coast. Its call the Iron Door Salon.

    Here's what i need help with. I had a custom laptop made about a year and a half ago. The motherboard has gone bad on it and aparently it is not made any more. The laptop is a notebook NPN710 with a 479M socket. i would like replace or if possible repair the motherboard. Any suggestion of where to look or do?
  2. raybay

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    Probably not worth fixing. The board is available at NewEgg, and via a Google search...
    This is part of the series called the Pentium M .Tthe 479M is the mobile version of the 478 motherboard.
    When you get the board, you still have to buy new cpu cooler attachment.
    Variations of the board have been installed by a number of manufacturers including HP, IBM Thinkpad, Compaq...
    Some possible models include
    A Variety of Intel boards.
    Tyan S3095G30R
    Quanta 308F
    CompaL 0860, 8051
    Intel D4P515, SL6F7, and SL6FA... among others.
    Get the part number off your existing motherboard because the variations do not fit other cases than the one for which they are designed... the technology is nearly the same, but the shape of the board id different, and most require add-ons depending on the case into which they will be fit.
    You should be able to find boards on eBay...
    You can expect to pay $195 plus shipping, but might get lucky and find one new for $59... or even $49... but there is no way to tell if it will fit until you try it.
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