mouse and keyboard freeze in XP dual boot

By Mozart
Mar 1, 2005
  1. I would like some help, I get a freeze in XP during operation the mouse and keyboard won't respond ctrl alt delete no response . Should be hardware problem but windows 98 on the dual boot is excellent. Not a virus this started before first
    log on to the net. Windows fully updated included hardware check. The application and system log show nothing. I turned off a special tweak in win 98 to use all memory before the swap file and the freeze went away for about 5 days now its back any ideas ?
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Was that W98 tweak something that altered the BIOS perhaps?
    Does it happen from a cold-start direct into XP?
    Or only after you were in W98 and rebooted into XP?
  3. Mozart

    Mozart TS Rookie Topic Starter

    xp dual boot freeze continued

    The freeze happens on an XP boot only or a reboot from win 98 . The tweak is now turned off and the freezing is reduced greatly but still happens on a rare occassion . It must have had an effect on the bios indirectly . This is a selected tweak from U.I. Interface a free download tool that is usually quite good, but I can,t discribe how it actually worked. But it is now off.

    Thanks Mozart (from Canada )
  4. Mozart

    Mozart TS Rookie Topic Starter

    xp dual boot freeze

    Hi mozart again

    The freeze is worse then ever in xp , now its happening almost all the time, when the freeze happens the mouse curser usually disappears . Please note that win 98 on the dual boot is still perfect. What I noticed is strange is that if you open the task manager and let it run minimized the system won,t freeze . I tried seeing what a freezse would show in task manager What do you think of this ?.

    motherboard pc chips amptron 1600+ xp
    ram 256 with 32 shared for video
    20 gb hard drive c,d,e, for win 98
    80 gb harddrive F.G.H.I.J. for win xp
    mouse is microsoft wireless intellimouse explorer 2 using its drivers in xp
    and drivers 3.0 to run in 98 ( this mouse is not supposed to run in 98
    keyboard is very standard
    all service packs xp and 98 up to date
    anti virus both and firewall in xp zonelabs
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    I would say UNinstall the XP Intellipoint drivers. The native drivers from XP for a USB/PS2 mouse are pretty good.
    Or get the latest Intellipoint drivers, (but they ARE bloatware!).
    Check the Mouse-support settings in your BIOS.
    Another BIOS problem might be caused by the fact that PnP-OS should be switched ON for W98, but OFF for anything higher. Play around with that.
  6. Mozart

    Mozart TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks realblackstuff for dual boot problem advice

    I loaded the mouse as ubs but it didn,t help but Ii finally got a crash with the task manager screen up 27 processes were running so I checked them all on the net I had Khooker exe runing from my videocard SIS and turned it permenently off as problems of freezing were reported,.and a great problem with wuauclt.exe which is for auto update even though I asked for manual updates in the security center . The computer has now been up for over 20 minutes which seems like a record I hope my problems are finally solved . Thanks again mozart
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