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By jhamp41
Jul 11, 2010
  1. i have windows xp home version. I want to take the programs and the files on the xp and put them on the new computer please help me through this.
  2. Omur

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    Heey jhamp41..It's possible to move the programs from your current computer to another computer. For the programs, you must have the setup file's. So, with these files you must install it again on the other computer.

    The files on your current can search to your files on by on and make a copy of all these, but if you have a lot of files you must spend much time to do this. So, follow this next (easy way):

    GO to: "My computer" choose/open the local drive (this is mostly the C: drive), you find therein the map "Users", open it...Open the right users map. In this user map, you can see your personal files/maps/documents,etc...
    Now, you can make copies of all your files and place it the other computer...To copy these, it's easyer to use a extern harddisk or a USB stick with a lot of space.

    I hope it will be helpfull...GOOD LUCK!
  3. hellokitty[hk]

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    The files are simple, you'll just have to copy them over.
    Now programs, you should reinstall them on your new computer.
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