mp3 player only half full, cannot add any more music

By amwreck1
Nov 20, 2005
  1. Hello-

    I recently purchased a Creative Zen Nano 1GB MP3 player. I hooked it up, and tried to transfer mp3's to the player. It allowed me to transfer 550 megs of music, then said the drive was full. When I clicked on "Removable Disk" under "My Computer", the little graph on the left side of the window it said I had 430 megs of free space, and the picture of a circle representing the disk space also showed it as only a little more than half full. I tried to drag-n-drop more files, only to get the small window saying the drive was full again. So I returned the player and exchanged it for a new one, this time a SanDisk 1GB player. I am getting the same message again after I transferred about 550 megs, so I am at a loss. Anyone know the cause of this problem? Thank you-
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