MSDTS Run Time Error

By vassil3427
Nov 11, 2002
  1. HI,
    On my parents pc, sometimes..for no apparent reason, an error pops up saying

    MSDTS Run Time Error(5) Invalid...blah blah...
    According to what I read MSDTS is
    MSDTS = Microsoft Distributed Transaction Controller

    Could someone please help me figure out what this is, its a bit annoying...I search microsoft's knowledge base and found nothing....
    They're running Windows ME:dead: ........
  2. somedumbguy

    somedumbguy TS Rookie

    this helps\w\windows_remote_registry.asp

    actually, i found the above site the same way i found this board, searching for msdts cause i have the exact same problem as you.

    run time error 5: unknown procedure or argument.. some junk like that. hope this helps!

    Please watch your language
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  3. somedumbguy

    somedumbguy TS Rookie

    oh yeah.. also try

    that helps too.. it can get rid of it along with other scary things.
  4. me(who else?)

    me(who else?) TS Rookie Posts: 387

    Nice to see some new members helping out:) Welcome to Techspot SomeDumbGuy
  5. somedumbguy

    somedumbguy TS Rookie


    hey man its no problem glad to see im welcome...

    also - i recieved this error along with many others when i upgraded from windows xp home to windows xp pro corporate.. anyone who is thinking about doing this: it is a bad idea. my advice is to back your JUNK<-(lack of swear, admin) up on disks and just do a clean install of xp pro.. its not worth the.. junk it gives you.
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