My AIW9800 Pro

By proxyma
Apr 26, 2006
  1. Hello everyone!

    I bought a Club-3D AIW 9800 Pro a half year ago and since then i have had problems with all drivers ATI have released.

    It has worked once :p

    The problems i get are


    I know for sure its the graphic card drivers but i dont know how to solve it
    and they only come because this "SRB command failed – SRB_GET_DEVICE_PROPERTY" which i cant get rid off.

    When its gone from eventlog the system works great it was with the 6.0 catalyst drivers i got it to work once.

    This stupid card will probably kill the rest of the components in my computer because i need to reinstall 2k times and hardboot =)

    I have searched google for answers and read every post about it but the solutions peoples have come up with does not work for me.

    Things i have done:

    Reinstalled Windows XP so many times i dont remember.
    Removed all PCI cards
    Tried Memtest 86 and changed memory sticks put them in diffrent slots.
    Disabled alot of features on Motherboard.

    My system:

    P4C800 Deluxe
    Pentium 4 HT 3.0 GHz
    2x512 TwinMOS 2.5CL DDR400
    Club-3D ATI AIW 9800 Pro 128 MB
    PSU Seventeam 420W - 111

    Dont have any minidumps but would be really happy if someone tried to solve this for me =)
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