My computer won't turn on after being shut off until I unplug it & plug back in.

By ingeborgdot
Nov 15, 2006
  1. My computer won't turn on after being shut off until I unplug cord and plug back in! I know there are many things it could be but I will explain a little of the situation. It started about a little while ago when I came to turn the computer on. It would not start. I unplugged the computer and pressed the power button and it started. I have been doing some experimenting and found this out.
    On the mobod there are three little blue lights. When I push the power button one of the blue lights will come on and not the other two and it won't start. I then unplug the cord and the blue light goes out after about 5 seconds. I plug it back in and push power and it starts. It runs fine when on.
    It is and Epox mobod with an antec case and a 350watt smart psu.
    Has anyone experienced anything like this?
  2. Sexy-Beast-Joel

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    I'm just a newbie but I had that problem tonight and I found a solution buy putting my new PSU in
  3. smore9648

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    Upgrade your PSU
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