My computer won't turn on

By Tremulous
Jul 3, 2010
  1. For whatever reason may be, my computer won't turn on. Every time I go to power the computer on the Motherboard does nothing. And I see nothing on the screen. I can hear the DVD Rom powering up as well as the Hard Drive. But the fans on the CPU don't turn on. I know the CPU is getting power because I can feel the heat that emanates from it. Its strange because I was having problems with my computer for the past few days with defragmenting.

    I was using Ultimate Defrag to try and make my computer faster by moving files around the disk, but it ran all night and never completed, in fact the time estimation kept increasing not decreasing. I then quit it and ran Defraggler for all night long and discovered that my computer would not show anything on the screen.

    Did I leave my computer on too long and screw up the CPU?
    Or is my Motherboard just Fried?

    I did check to make sure that it was clean inside my computer and while there was some dust its nothing too bad, just a few spots here and there, and that was mostly in a corner away from the components.

    I tried unplugging everything from the Power Supply except the Motherboard. Also I am hearing no bleeps or other sounds and the computer and the screen stays blank. No Bios screen or anything.

    On a related note the computer is a cheap Lenovo that me and my brother bought, he had his own. His died out a while back, but that was because of the cheap Power Supply, although a week later it quit working all together, similar to my own story.

    Thank you for reading and to those who reply with any advice.
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,122

    Could be the motherboard but test or replace the power supply first. Always start with the simplest, least expensive solution. Hopefully that will solve your problem.
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