my DVD stoped working, drivers issue?

By deltrun
Feb 6, 2006
  1. Hi. I recently had a very serous BSOD crash so I had to reinstall. Now I've been dealing with minor ones on and off for the last couple days. I have most drivers up-to-date but now I'm having a problem where windoze stopped regonizing my DVD. IT also stopped regonizing my A floppy drive, both which are on separate IDE channels. I'm thinking this is a PSU problem (because they were on the same power line, HOWEVER so was my graphics card and usually when it doesn't recieve power it gives me a message) or a driver problem (even though my dvd is OEM and HCL does't have any drivers defaulting to windose drivers, or my bios ones?). How would one figure it out? I was also wondering if this could be a BIOS problem because my bios regonizes my DVD drive, but windoze gave is a red questionmark on the shortcut. Now it doesn't appear in my computer, along with the A drive. Gahh Help!
  2. zephead

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    it doesn't sound like a psu problem. take out the dvd drive and see if the bsod problems persist. if they persist, your motherboard is more than probably the cause.
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