My Flash Drive size has decreased

By umeraziz2002
Mar 11, 2006
  1. Hello to All members
    I have a samsung flash drive of size 64mb. Last month i formated it using the format utility of its manfaturer CD, and that's it.... It's size reduced to 32mb , Now I have formated it using Windows format utility but there is no result, and it is still 32mb. I think its partition table has been changed. But i have not found a software which deals with flash drive partitioning or formating. Anybody helps me......
  2. N3051M

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    goto disk management [my computer (right click)>manage>disk management] with the usb in and find the drive on the main panel. you can see there if there's been two partitions or not and stuff like that..

    also check if you can to see if theres any physical damage to the drive and its components..
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    Buy a $50 MP3 player with 512Mb of flash memory. You can listen to songs and carry any files you need up to 512Mb. My daughter has a Dasiy/Flower something? (i forget the name sry) and it's got 1Gb and cost $99 Cnd!!! at Costco. Not sure why you would format a flash memory other then to partion it so N3051M is correct, but if so is not the 2nd partition showing up in Explorer?
    Example E: 32Mb F: 32Mb
  4. N3051M

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    not necessarily... it could be in a format that windows cant recognise eg RAW etc.. or just havent got a file structure/allocation table written on yet... just like when you install a brand new hdd straight from the shop, you have to initialise/format/partition it before you can use it or access it from explorer...

    and it is true.. if all else fails get yourself a new one.. for the price you paid 1-2 years ago to get that 64mb stick you can get a brand new one with 512+mb on it...
  5. Tedster

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