my soundcard doesnt work!!!!!

By Luis_figoismad
Jun 24, 2007
  1. last year i had a virus and restarted my windows xp. after i saw that the sound didnt work i opened an audio file and windows media said "windows media player cannot play the file cause there is a problem with ur sound device" i went on this site asked why and then some guy told me to download this file wich should fix it and i downloaded it and while installing it said error and just stopped. i know that i have an sis 712. i dont care i just wanna fix my soundcard. i havent had sound for almost a year now. and i havent bought a new soundcard cause i havent had the money and i still dont. so someone please give me an answer. how do i fix it?
  2. 3djade

    3djade TS Rookie

    Luis_figoismad Hi Luis_figoismad the virus problably corrupted your sound card driver why don't you try to reinstal the the driver and if the problem persist, try to reinstal windows and then the drivers. But is your card on Board or PCI?
  3. Zsj

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    Ya Same thing happend to me... but my sound card is onboard so i just used my Motherboard install cd and reinstalled it.
    try a program named 4dwave.
    i can give it to you if you i.m. me on Yahoo Messenger my screen name is jakedaman36....or email me:
  4. Luis_figoismad

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    when im installing the driver in the middle of it it stops and says -536870397 and "fail to install audio driver for windows xp. setup will exit now" and then just turns off. and i dont know if my card is on board or pci . all i know is that the speakers plug into the back ,not the front.
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