My usb external HDD is not working

By faisi19
Mar 28, 2006
  1. hii guys, i recently bought 80 gb usb external hdd, its labtop hdd and i converted it into usb external hdd by buying a case of this purpose, now i was using for about say 3-4 days, and i took all backup on that hdd, and den i formated my computer and now tries to get that backup on my computer...and now that problem i m facing is this :..

    whneva i tries to connect thru usb, i plugs my usb and it says found new hardware, after a while says you can use hardware in the taskbar, but whn i goes to my computer, i cant find any external HDD....even i went to disk management, even ther i m not able to find my usb harddisk over their, its showing in the task bar, green led is on....please help me as bkup is really very imp for my work.....please help me guys
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