Mysterious random file that Windows tries to open when I log in..

By pyromaster114
Aug 30, 2010
  1. Okay, so there's this very elusive and mysterious file that windows 7 tries to open EVERY time I start my computer and log in.

    It's named 'Xander'. Now mind you, that's part of my user name, which is "Xander <mylastnamehere>"

    It appears to be as if you put it in the startup folder... but it's not.
    I can find nothing that would try and open that file...
    Nothing in msconfig.
    Nothing in the registry even.
    Nothing anywhere.
    There is nothing that says for it to open "C:\Users\Xander"

    What's really confusing is the contents of the file... if I open it in notepad, it displays this:

    So wait a minute... this looks like some sort of log file... but it's not updated ever, that I can tell. Seems to have been created back in like... March or something... so I have no clue what could have done it.

    It's really freaking me out, because my concern isn't the file existing, or even it trying to open it on startup, but rather WHY it's doing it, as it seems that some program is manipulating things in the background without my knowledge...

    It might be worth mentioning that I have a lot of "Tunnel adapters" that show up when I enter ipconfig into the command line...

    When I type "%USERPROFILE% into the run dialog box, and hit enter, it attempts to open the same file.
    Now... it's my understanding that (like when you put in %PROGRAMFILES%) it's supposed to open a corresponding folder... namely the user directory for the account you're logged into... so why on earth would it try and open that file? It's not even NAMED the same thing. (User profile folder is "Xander Bahder" and the file is "Xander"... wtf...?)
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