Need a good book on Win2K administration

By fgaliegue
Feb 11, 2006
  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm a systems engineer also having the responsibility for the LAN at my work. This LAN runs a domain controller using Samba 2.2.x and it works very well, however my main concern is with Win2K clients. More often than not I stumble upon a problem that I just cannot solve apart from reinstalling the culprit program or even the whole OS.

    What I lack is Win2K administration skills. Boy do I lack them. For one I'd like to be able to install it from the network with a predefined configuration, and most of all I'd like to actually know what I can do to administer them (ie, see what services are running, how to shut them down, how to reconfigure them). For example, we have an internal NTP server here, but the Windows machines don't use it at all. In spite of all the (scarce) litterature I could read on the net, I simply couldn't find any document saying "this is how you do it". As a result, some machines have a clock drift as high as 30 minutes. Linux boxes don't have this problem as they understand very well when the DHCP server provides them an NTP server to use...

    So, have you got any good sites I can read, or even a book I can buy to acquire these skills?

    Thank you all in advance.
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  3. fgaliegue

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    Ask away.. That's what the forums are here for :)
  5. fgaliegue

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    Well, I do have another question... Is it at all possible to install win2k non interactively? Ie, without asking anything, not even the serial number... Making it automatically join the domain, tell that the network interface should be getting its configuration by DHCP, etc etc...

    Would simplify my task a lot.
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    Just google for "windows unattended install"..
  7. fgaliegue

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    The ability of the user to change system time is a matter of policy, yes. Disabled by default in Windows NT, but it should be allowed in 2k..
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