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By ibra0078
Sep 16, 2007
  1. Hey Guys,

    I installed a second video card in my pc to have a DUAL monitor. The second card I installed is ATI Technologies Inc. Mach64 GX PCI. In Device manager there is an yellow ! mark. I have looked all over for the driver and no luck. Please help me I am running Windows XPSP2.

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    ibra, I don't think that card is supported for Windows XP. It appears the last drivers were for Windows 98.

    kpo6969, the driver info you linked to appears to be for alternate operating systems; that is, non-Windows.
  4. ibra0078

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    I had it worked with windows XPSP2 but I had to reformat. When I first plug it in it was working perfect but than I had to format c: so I lost the driver I guess. It sees the card but I need the driver and I can not find it at all any help PLZ.
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    I been to that site already, The mirrors 1 and 2 work but it doesn not bring you to the right place to download the drive.
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