Need halp in triple booting with Win2k3 Suseand redhat lo=inux

By hari12378
Sep 12, 2005
  1. I have a 33 Gb SCSI hard disk where i installed Win2k3 server on fist partition (15GB) and install Suse linux 9.0 into the second partition by making 1 gb partition. And install redhat 3.0 into the third partition by making seprate 1gb swap, boot and root partition. Suse is using GRUB boot loader and Redhat boot loader is LILO.My problem is I am able to boot my system in Win2k3 and Redhat. But i am unable to boot it with Suse. If somebody will care to help me then i will be thankfull to you.
  2. Nodsu

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    What is the primary bootloader (the first boot menu)? Windows, GRUB or lilo?

    If you installed Windows, then SuSE with GRUB in the MBR and then RedHat with lilo in the MBR then you effectively rendered SuSE unbootable.

    If this is how you did it then you have to do the Linux bootloaders again. Either put GRUB back in the MBR and lilo in the RH partition or lilo->MBR GRUB->SuSE part.
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