Need help disabling Fast Write from Geforce 6600 or Neo2 865PE-S mobo

By genericuser100
May 30, 2005
  1. Geforce 6600 or Neo2 865PE-S mobo
    Please help, I've looked everywhere to disable my fast write on my mobo. When I had an ATI 9800 it was in the Smartgart setting, but my Geforce has no such, so I figured it would be in bios. The only thing in bios under chipset was changing my Apeture Size for my vid card. Anyone know any windows programs or anything that I can use to disable. I believe Fastwrite is the cause of some stuttering I get in games. I used Aida32 and it showed that my mobo supports it and is enabled.
    Anyhelp will do.
    Thanking in advanc
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