Need help installing 6600GT graphics card

By jonese26
Mar 14, 2006
  1. Ok I bought a new galaxy geforce 6600gt, and thought i knew how to install it properly but obviously did something wrong because its not working.
    Here's what i did:
    - uninstalled old ATI drivers (card i'm replacing is a radeon 9250)
    - changed bios settings to use the integrated chip
    - plugged monitor into integrated chip
    - installed new card
    - tried to install drivers, wouldn't let me
    - changed bios to agp instead of integrated
    - plugged monitor into new card
    - tried to boot computer, but the monitor wouldn't display anything, justa black screen with the power light flashing

    I'm not an expert with these things, could someone please advise me as to what i did wrong and how i should go about it properly? I've now put the old ATI card back in and reinstalled its drivers.

    PS. The card has DVI ports only, and i have a CRT monitor so I'm having to use a DVI to VGA adapter. Could this be the problem maybe?
  2. joseywales09

    joseywales09 Banned Posts: 95

    Where di u get urs cuz im lookin for the same card? Oh and u need to go to ur BIOS and if ur previous one was a integrated u need to disable its memory or it will think its running two moniters at the same time
  3. jonese26

    jonese26 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I got the card off ebay, theres plenty of cheap ones available. So how do I change the bios so it recognises only the agp card? Coz at the moment i've got it set to "AGP/Int".
  4. joseywales09

    joseywales09 Banned Posts: 95

    go put ur onboard memory from 64MB or whatever to 0
  5. jonese26

    jonese26 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your help, I fixed the problem. Turns out my new gfx card needed its own power supply cable. All good now.
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