Need help installing Windows 98

By ryantruck
Feb 12, 2005
  1. Hi I just got a Compaq Desk Pro En

    Specs Intel Pentium II 350 Mhz Processor

    96 MB of Ram

    2GB HDD
    When I got it the HDD was blank he said he used Boot N Nuke to wipe it clean and he gave me a copy of windows 98 so I went to and downloaded the custom no ram drive file and unziped it to a floppy disc I put the boot floppy in the drive and ran FDISK and made a primary Dos partition then I exited FDISK and then I typed in EXIT in the A:\> Command then I entered FORMAT C: /S /V in the A:\> Command and it formatted the hard drive in Fat32 format and then I took the bootdisk out and turned the computer off and turned it back on and then it had a C:\> Command prompt so I put the Windows 98 CD in the CD drive and typed D:\>SETUP and it said invalid drive specification so then I tried to enter E:\>SETUP in the command and that said invalid drive specification so I took the windows cd out and turned the computer off and then put the boot floppy back in and turned it back on and it booted from the floppy it said in the command line
    CD-ROM Device Driver For IDE (Four Channels Supported) (C) copyright Oak Technology Inc. 1993-1996
    Driver Version :V340
    Device Name :BANANA
    Transfer Mode :programmed I/O

    Drive 0:port=170 (Secondary Channel) , Master IRQ=15
    Firmware Version :YYS7

    MSCDEX Version 2.25
    Copyright (C) Microsoft corp. 1986-1995 all Rights Reserved
    Drive R:=Driver BANANA Unit 0

    I tried typing R:\>SETUP and it said invalid drive specification I also tried typing R:\>CD ROM WIN98 Ect. samething

    I need some help Im sorry I made the post so long :hotouch:
  2. patio

    patio TS Maniac Posts: 482

    A Win98 CD should be bootable.
    Put it in and re-boot without the floppy and it should start setup.

    If that doesn't work re-boot with the floppy. Then put the CD in and type R: and hit enter. AT the R: prompt type dir /p and hit enter. This will show you what's on the CD. The /p switch allows you to view it one page at a time instead of a rapid scroll. Setup sshould be on it's own and not in a sub-directory. If it isn't it's not an original Win98 CD.

    The other thing you can try as well is since you have already prepped the HD for install is go ahead and DLoad the reg. Win98 bootdisk and try that one.
    Option #2 i believe is start computer with CD-Rom support which loads more than 1 CDRom driver.
    Hope thiss helps.

    patio. :cool:
  3. ryantruck

    ryantruck TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 79

    Ok I typed dir /p in the command and it says

    Volume in drive R is WINDOWS98
    Directory of R:\

    BOXSHOT JPG 14,142 11-24-98 12:02a
    DEFAULT HTM 9,488 11-24-98 12:02a
    FEATURES GIF 31,599 11-24-98 12:02a
    3 file(s) 55,229 bytes
    0 dir(s) 0 bytes free

    Thats what it says

    Thanks Ryan

    P.s. The windows 98 CD it does not boot or run SETUP
  4. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +7

    that's not a windows 98 cd.

    you will have to try to get the windows 98 (or some other suitable OS media) from somewhere else.
  5. ryantruck

    ryantruck TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 79

    Then why does it say Volume in drive R: is WINDOWS98 :(
  6. Triton

    Triton TS Enthusiast Posts: 82

    If your friend gave you a "restore" CD, copy of a "restore" CD or a copy (bootleg) of a Windows CD nothing is guaranteed to work.
    Check the CD your friend gave you on another computer and see if it has a SETUP.EXE in the root directory.

    You have to set your computer to BOOT from CD ROM in the BIOS before you can boot to any CD ROM.
    If your computer can't be set to boot from a CD ROM use the Setup floppy.

    I don't think Windows 98 CDs were bootable but I don't have one handy to test.
    Windows 98SE (Second Edition) are bootable.
  7. ryantruck

    ryantruck TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 79

    Hi I was able to use a friends copy of Windows 98 SE and I typed setup and it worked fine.

    I typed dir /p and it had setup.exe and stuff that the otherone didn't have

    well it works good now thanks alot Ryan :)
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