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By TheJediSlayer
Aug 19, 2010
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  1. Hello,

    I need some help tonight about rather, or not an I.D.E. to SATA adapter will be compatible with a 2.5", 40-pin-IDE H.D.D. I found a converter; however, I'm having doubts about it working. The reason I am having doubts is because the female I.D.E. slot is not a regular female I.D.E. slot, but rather an empty shell, with golden brackets aligned on the top and bottom of it.

    This picture here is what the female I.D.E. slot looks like:

    Because of this issue, I am wondering if using this converter kit will pose any problems. Link:

    I looked on the inside of the laptop, and I discovered that their is a 40-pin male I.D.E. connector (Obviously); however, the pins on the male connector are separated by a white shell that, again, separates each individual pin.

    I have looked all over the Internet, but I have yet to find a special I.D.E. form factor, like the one presented here today, that I would be able to use to hookup to my PC.

    I appreciate anyone's time and expertise, and I am sorry if this has caused confusion, but it is difficult to explain in words what I am seeing.

    Thanks again,


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