Need help with new system build

By Dinvan
Dec 25, 2004
  1. Im about to build another computer for personal use, mainly for gaming.

    I like playing all games from Doom to WoW

    So, i would greatly apreciate anyehlp and advice people could give me on a cheap yet effective system. Such as this :
    p4 3.2
    1gig ram
    100gig hdd
    dvd rw
    6000 gfx
    sound card

    My budget is about £450-700

    Thanks Lynn

    P.S. Yes i am quite a noob at this, but i have built my own befor :D :giddy:
  2. Lostfaith

    Lostfaith TS Rookie Posts: 19

    gaming = athlon64 socket939 performs A LOT better then p4 at a lower price. (get the winchesters: 2800+ or 3000+ or 3200+)

    be sure to get a dual channel pc3200/ddr400 ram kit (or just two same type/brand/speed sticks try value's of pqi, corsair, geil, ocz, kingston, crucial) (1gb dual channel = 2 sticks of 512mb)

    get a 939 socket nforce3 or nforce4 chipset.(nforce4 has pci-express, so you can use the value 6200turbo cache or better yet 6600gt series) (msi asus gigabyte are good brand for mobo and vidcard)

    sound = on motherboard so don't buy (mobo has 7.1 on nforce4).

    get a good power supply (if not problems later on, get enermax, antec)

    members here will make other good suggestions of brands and setups too, but this one is the best performance/$ setup there is for gamers hands down.
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