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By JonnyC
Jan 31, 2006
  1. I'm building a computer and I need a processor for it. I have a P4X400 SOYO Dragon Lite motherboard, does anybody know what the fastest processor is, or where I can find it?
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    Go to this site and sign up and u can then post in the forums. Its great they have a whole section devoted to bulding a computer, they will help you choose parts, give you feedaback, make sure you get the best quality parts for ur money etc.
    Hope it helps

    P.S And if u could be so kind to fill me in as your referrer when u sign up my username is Crusader.
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    Although that board supports 533fsb cpus, and the cpu you listed, the 2.8 prescott, is 533fsb, it still won't work on that board. That board does not support prescott cores or celeron d cpus. You'd need to find a northwood core cpu, which is getting difficult. The fastest cpu you can get is a p4 3.06 ghz 533 fsb w HT tech. and a northwood core.
    northwoods are difficult to find nowadays though, you might find one in a forum fs/ft thread.

    Here's one for sale.
    It's oem though, so you'd need a heatsink for it, like the ones listed below it, and you'd need thermal paste, like artic silver 5, if the heatsink doesn't come with any.
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