Need help with un-installation of DirectX!!!!

By jblack08
Jun 23, 2007
  1. i have recently purchased and installed a new video card so that i might be able to play WoW (online game) on my computer...i have the game completely loaded and there are no problems there and there arent any problems with my video card drivers as i have checked them numerous times, however, when i check my dxdiag (start-run-dxdiag) under directx files-notes it says -The file qasf.dll is an old version, which could cause problems. -You should reinstall DirectX to get the latest version. I currently have the DirectX 9.0b version and i need to get DirectX 9.0c. the problem is that i have already installed it on my computer but dxdiag says i still have directx 9.0b... any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated as i am currently at the end of my rope so to speak. i saw an earlier thread about this same topic but there didnt seem to be any responses towards the solution :(
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    What OS do you have?
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